India-China frienship association

A brief history of ICFA - The history of the India-China friendship association can be traced back to 1950. After the 1960s, ICFA chapters were non-functional all over India. Few ICFA chapters can still be found in various Indian states such as Delhi, Punjab, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, etc.  Some may be officially registered, but most of them are not officially functioning due to a lack of funding and support. 

formation of China-India friendship association, May 16th, 1952, Beijing by Chinese cultural art circles
formation of China-India friendship association, May 16th, 1952,
Beijing by Chinese cultural art circles 

Can anyone form an ICFA in their city!Yes,Anyone can form the ICFA in their city, there are no special directives, It is a general people's association that wants to promote India-China people-to-people relations.
  1. You should have clear aims and objectives for building the organization and its activities.
  2. A budget for 3 years.
  3. And a definite plan for the mode of income of your organization.

Ask yourself, do you really want to work in the field of India-China people-to-people relations? 

How to register? Official registration - Find a location for your office, You need a minimum of 7 enthusiastic peoples, Choose the President, Secretary-general, and Treasurer. The organization must be registered under the societies. Appoint one Charter accountant. After receiving the registration certificates, you need to apply for the PAN card and open a Bank account. Now you can start receiving membership fees and donations from your members. You must also register your organization under the NGODarpan portal,  to apply for specific grants under the central govt. schemes,  the organization should be a minimum of 3 years to become eligible in applying for the schemes. 
So most important is, what will be your plan for 3 years? Build your network, Work in the areas to improve the organization skills, You can conduct fundraising events joining with other organizations, organize membership drives or participate in local projects. You can always find other ICFA chapters, to understand how they are working. 
Funding and support?make a clear idea about the sources of funding and support. 
Does the Chinese embassy fund such organizations? The answer is No, the Chinese embassy does not recognize officially or provide funds for ICFA chapters in India. But, there is a counterpart in China called CIFA (China-India friendship association) which functions under the CPAFFC in China. 
General Advice  - Always your work should help in developing general people-to-people relations between India and China. Areas where you can work! - arts and culture, history, architecture, education, trade, tourism, environment, poverty alleviation, Language exchange, youth exchange programs, etc. 
1950s China-India Chronology - 
Ambassador LuoZhaohui - speech at 69th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China

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